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Vietpod - Learning Vietnamese - Lesson 2 - Vietnamese alphabets

I find myself recording again and again and again but the last result wasn't as good as I expected.

And the song at the beginning, it was actually really good, but when I combined everything into one file, the voice of singer turned out to be really weird. However, since it was either mine or the singer's that would be changed, I chose to keep mine since even though the singer's voice is distorted, it is still better than mine! Haha!!

I was going to translate the Vietnamese wikipedia page about Vietnamese into English, but English wikipedia did a much better job than I can, so I thought why bother and just link everyone to that site instead. Hope it's ok!!

Thank you chimyen, very very much for your nice comment.

I hope I can help more people with learning Vietnamese - even though I know I kind of suck at this whole podcasting and explaining and my voice is totally not helping either! LOL.

Vietnamese Culture episode will come when I can write a proper one... :) *toodles*
PDF file:

mp3 file:
or here.

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