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Vietpod - Learning Vietnamese - Lesson 2 - Vietnamese alphabets

I find myself recording again and again and again but the last result wasn't as good as I expected.

And the song at the beginning, it was actually really good, but when I combined everything into one file, the voice of singer turned out to be really weird. However, since it was either mine or the singer's that would be changed, I chose to keep mine since even though the singer's voice is distorted, it is still better than mine! Haha!!

I was going to translate the Vietnamese wikipedia page about Vietnamese into English, but English wikipedia did a much better job than I can, so I thought why bother and just link everyone to that site instead. Hope it's ok!!

Thank you chimyen, very very much for your nice comment.

I hope I can help more people with learning Vietnamese - even though I know I kind of suck at this whole podcasting and explaining and my voice is totally not helping either! LOL.

Vietnamese Culture episode will come when I can write a proper one... :) *toodles*
PDF file:

mp3 file:
or here.

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YAY MOAR LESSONS in the end you left us only with pdf?O_O
oh no, i forgot to put the link in
there you go:

thanks for the nice comment! ♥
Yay episode dedicated for me <3
Oh, so you're female? Sorry about my mistake^^

Can't wait to hear Vietnamese Culture episode:3
(This one helped to understand vietnamese sounds, I didn't quite get the differense between different "A" sounds before.^^ A tone episode probably will help too. Are you planning to make one?)
Oh and by the way, I've come to study to Hanoi, so your help with language will be needed:3
(I hope you still plan to continue with the podcast!)

Deleted comment

Deleted comment

thank you for the hard work :D

looking forward to the next update ^^
I hope you do more lessons, I think you did a great job. ^_^
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