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Lesson 1 - Greetings and Introduction in Vietnamese

Wow I can't believe it takes me more than 2 years to come up with the first podcast.
I know there are still a lot of mistakes and I still haven't planned all the lessons yet, but I figured I can just come up with better ideas after I receive feed backs from people. :)

Something about me: my name is Hạnh. I'm from Hanoi (the capital of Vietnam if you do not know LOL) so my accent is a Northern one.
English is not - by any means - my first language so I apologize for any mispronunciations and such (like my super low voice that I cannot change for example lol)

Hope you enjoy the first lesson and I'm sure there'll be lots to talk about in the next lessons.
I'm really looking forward to hearing feedback from everyone.


Audio file:
or here.
PDF file:
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